Delete Notes / DeleteNotes (internally is.workflow.actions.evernote.delete)

This action requires that Shortcuts has permission to use WFEvernoteAccessResource.



Deletes the notes passed as input from Evernote.


DeleteNotes (true | false | variable)


confirmBeforeDeleting: Switch (Docs)

Default Value: true Allows Variables: true

Accepts a boolean or a variable.

source json (for developers)

	"ActionClass": "WFEvernoteDeleteAction",
	"ActionKeywords": [
	"AppIdentifier": "com.evernote.iPhone.Evernote",
	"Category": "Documents",
	"Description": {
		"DescriptionSummary": "Deletes the notes passed as input from Evernote."
	"Input": {
		"Multiple": true,
		"Required": true,
		"Types": [
	"Name": "Delete Notes",
	"Parameters": [
			"Class": "WFSwitchParameter",
			"DefaultValue": true,
			"Description": "When enabled, this action will confirm with you before deleting notes from Evernote. You'll always be asked for confirmation when deleting 10 notes or more at a time.",
			"Key": "WFEvernoteConfirmDeletion",
			"Label": "Confirm Before Deleting"
	"RequiredResources": [