Split Text / SplitText (internally is.workflow.actions.text.split)



Separates text passed into the action into a list.


SplitText separator=("New Lines" | "Spaces" | "Every Character" | "Custom") custom="string"


separator: Enumeration (Docs)

Default Value: "New Lines" Allows Variables: true

Accepts a string or variable containing one of the options:

  • New Lines
  • Spaces
  • Every Character
  • Custom

custom: Text (Docs)

Placeholder: "Text" Allows Variables: true

Only enabled if: argument WFTextSeparator == Custom

Accepts a string or text with the text. Does not allow newlines.

source json (for developers)

	"ActionClass": "WFTextComponentsAction",
	"ActionKeywords": [
	"Category": "Text",
	"Description": {
		"DescriptionSummary": "Separates text passed into the action into a list."
	"IconName": "Text.png",
	"Input": {
		"Multiple": true,
		"Required": true,
		"Types": [
	"InputPassthrough": false,
	"LastModifiedDate": "2016-10-10T19:00:00.000Z",
	"Name": "Split Text",
	"Output": {
		"Multiple": true,
		"OutputName": "Split Text",
		"Types": [
	"Parameters": [
			"Class": "WFEnumerationParameter",
			"DefaultValue": "New Lines",
			"Items": [
				"New Lines",
				"Every Character",
			"Key": "WFTextSeparator",
			"Label": "Separator"
			"Class": "WFTextInputParameter",
			"Key": "WFTextCustomSeparator",
			"Label": "Custom",
			"Placeholder": "Text",
			"RequiredResources": [
					"WFParameterKey": "WFTextSeparator",
					"WFParameterValue": "Custom",
					"WFResourceClass": "WFParameterRelationResource"
			"TextAlignment": "Right"
	"Subcategory": "Text Editing",
	"WFTextComponentsMode": "Split"