Vibrate Device / VibrateDevice (internally is.workflow.actions.vibrate)

This action requires that Shortcuts has permission to use [object Object].



Vibrates the device for a short amount of time.


VibrateDevice ("Default" | "Up Direction" | "Down Direction" | "Success" | "Failure" | "Retry" | "Start" | "Stop" | "Click")


hapticPattern: Enumeration (Docs)

Default Value: "Default" Allows Variables: true

Only enabled if: Workflow type is WatchKit. This action is always enabled inside Shortcutslang.

Only enabled if: This action is always disabled inside Shortcutslang.

Accepts a string or variable containing one of the options:

  • Default
  • Up Direction
  • Down Direction
  • Success
  • Failure
  • Retry
  • Start
  • Stop
  • Click

source json (for developers)

	"ActionClass": "WFVibrateAction",
	"ActionKeywords": [
	"Category": "Scripting",
	"Description": {
		"DescriptionSummary": "Vibrates the device for a short amount of time."
	"IconName": "Notification.png",
	"InputPassthrough": true,
	"Name": "Vibrate Device",
	"Parameters": [
			"Class": "WFEnumerationParameter",
			"DefaultValue": "Default",
			"Description": "When run on Apple Watch, the selected pattern will be tapped on to your wrist.",
			"Hidden": true,
			"Items": [
				"Up Direction",
				"Down Direction",
			"Key": "WFVibrateHapticType",
			"Label": "Haptic Pattern",
			"RequiredResources": [
					"WFResourceClass": "WFWorkflowTypeResource",
					"WFWorkflowType": "WatchKit"
	"RequiredResources": [
			"WFDeviceAttributes": {
				"WFDeviceAttributeCapabilities": [
			"WFResourceClass": "WFDeviceAttributesResource"
	"Subcategory": "Notification"